Mike BentienPrincipal, C.L.C., L.S.
Designing With Light was founded in 1994 by Mike Bentien who is a Certified Lighting Consultant and Lighting Specialist accredited by the American Lighting Association and recognized by the Illuminating Engineering Society. Mike started in the lighting industry in 1982 giving him decades of experience.

His interest in natural and artificial light effects sparked the desire to help clients light their spaces better than what was typically done.

Mike has been an instructor at many colleges and is still currently instructing, as he is one out of a handful of professionals certified to teach Lighting Design across North America.

Hayley KellestineLighting Consultant, D.I.D.
Hayley’s passion for good design brings a unique perspective to lighting. She understands how great lighting allows spaces to shine, to positively affect and enhance our clients spaces.

Hayley completed her Diploma of Interior Design at CATO graduating at the top of her class.

When not at the office Hayley enjoys spending time outdoors hiking in the beautiful Okanagan.

Jade HuntOffice Administrator
Jade’s experience in customer service and management bring a warm and welcoming feel to our clients who visit the office. She likes a challenge, so our busy office environment is perfect for her! Jade’s experience working in high end homes brings an advantage to her knowledge base of client’s design needs.

When not in the office, Jade enjoys spending time with her family and her dog Bentley. We explore the beautiful Okanagan by camping, off-roading, biking, and hiking.

CleoHead of Security
Miss Cleo brightens everyone’s day with her sweet heart melting cuteness.


We believe that lighting has a large effect on our lives. From setting a mood, to creating functioning task light, to highlighting artwork and enhancing the architecture we create a space where you as the client feels comfortable.